Public Policy and an open mind open source  ecosystem of the Arts is what those here under this site.By uniting creatives to advocate change for stability in today's economy by creative education, we believe it will inspire and innovate those susceptible to mental health issues , to bring forth a community through the arts of sight and sound,music and technology individual awareness of conscious adaptation in any social condition; to influence leaders of a modern day age , and promote positive family value and invention , responsibility to young advance talents and create programs for new youth financial responsibility. This is a movement for the good of life in support of equal opportunity, start up of small business& the growth of a new industry for a strong and stable economy.We are not responsible for the fans of the business and artist  collective and understand that all promotional product given for gratis under limits of the individual parties agreement verbally,handshake or contract by paper or digital document.The extension of male youth teamwork skill building, physical training, universal religious belief and respecting each other based on skill regardless of race, handicap, sex, star sign, physical features , diet, and schedule are also of  practice by some but not all in participation of the site in its claims and dealings. This Album is specially dedicated to  Women Empowerment, in good faith may we together now make the Future Today.